• Fuku (Blowfish) Cuisine

    Fuku (Blowfish) Cuisine (image)In Shimonoseki, Japan's principal fishing ground for blowfish, this fish is known as 'fuku' (good luck) rather than 'fugu' (blowfish). Visitors never tire of the various tastes of blowfish in such foods as sashimi, fuku nabe (cooked in a pot), fuku in rice porridge, and hire-zake (blowfish fin braised in Japanese sake).

  • Ouchi Lacquer Ware

    Ouchi Lacquer Ware (image)This lacquer ware, which is the best representation of the brilliant Ouchi culture, was once exported to China and Korea. Decorated with the Ouchi diamond motif, it is famous for trays, bowls, and vases, as well as Ouchi dolls.