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Message from the Governor of Yamaguchi



I'm Sekinari Nii, governor of Yamaguchi Prefecture, and I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

Yamaguchi Prefecture, blessed by mild seasons and a landscape full of rich variation, has beautiful natural spectacles, such as Akiyoshidai, the largest karst plateau in Japan, all of them having been passed down through the generations from the far distant past with careful preservation.

Surrounded by the ocean on three sides, in Yamaguchi one feels a sense of liberation, and finds one's gaze drawn to the far off shores. Centuries of exchange between the nearby Asian continent and places like Kyoto have led to the blossoming of our unique culture, beginning with the Ouchi Dynasty in the 16th century.

As time went on, the climate and unique spirit of our people helped to shape the region as a dynamic and important place, a land of creation and influence that has made many appearances on the stage of history.

Bountiful resources, along with this unique character, have led Yamaguchi to become a multi-faceted region. We pride ourselves in our balance of tourism, fishing industry, education, industry and ecology, and also as being simply an excellent place to live. In order to further polish our image as a great place to live, we are currently engaging in a "Let's Make Yamaguchi the Liveliest Prefecture in Japan" campaign.

While looking through this website, I sincerely hope that you get a feel for why Yamaguchi is proud to be such a lively, wonderful place to live.

Sekinari Nii(signature)
Prefectural Governor

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